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We tailor our service in bonds to the needs of the individual client. Our dealing team offers a fast competitive execution only service as well as a full advisory or semi-discretionary service. Please see our gilt pages on Bloomberg (KSBB) and Reuters (KSBBL). Full electronic dealing is available through our Bloomberg pages. In addition we are very active in Eurobonds, both fixed and floating rate, in all the main currencies.

We provide varying degrees of advice to suit the client. This ranges from very short term intra-day trading views to longer term bespoke research and monitoring for the client of their bond portfolios and performance measurement.

Daily research notes are available on UK bonds, international bonds and money markets. A weekly research note is produced on international inflation linked bonds.

Our highly experienced team are able to advise on all aspects of portfolio management including yeild curve, anomaly and bufferfly switches, which stocks are cheap/dear as well as a host of other analytical techniques.